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Looking for deli cheese? You're in the right place!

Get in touch for your copy of the Cress Fine Cheese & Counter catalogue where you will find a great selection of British & Continental Cheeses along with the charcuterie, olives and antipasti to complete your deli offering. We also provide for kitchens with a range of catering cheeses in stock all year round. You can also subscribe to our monthly Cheese Newsletter to receive our Cheese of the Month promotions supporting you with your own in store promotional activity. We have put together a great variety of British & Continental Cheeses with over 200 listed in our Fine Cheese & Counter Catalogue 2018. However, if there is something special you are looking for get in touch with our dedicated cheese team who can help with sourcing, support and tasting events. We work closely with our suppliers to be able to offer you up to date information on availability, seasonality and special ranges. We love talking cheese so come say hello!

Cheese of the Month

To launch our new continental supplier this month we are promoting two classic deli lines for your core continental range. Enjoy the opportunity to try a new brand of Brie de Meaux and Comte with 10% off throughout October.

Brie de Meaux A.O.P ½ affine Rouzaire 2.5kg

10% off for October Normally £10.80 per kg LES/006 One of the oldest French cheeses luxuriously rich, buttery and smooth, handmade by the family owned Rouzaire dairy in the heart of the Brie region in Northern France.

Comte 12 Month Grand Siecle 1/8th (5kg)

10% off for October Normally £16.95 per kg LES/009 Aged by Rivoire-Jacquemin de Montmorot in their cellars following the traditional way of storing on spruce planks from Jura and hand rubbing the cheeses with Guérande sea salt.

For more details or to place an order please email our Cheese & Deli specialist


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